Ending Homelessness

The Flexim Foundation will, in collaboration with the Breath Foundation (http://www.breathcareforkids.com), contribute to the realization of a children’s home in the Ukraine.

In the village of Malinivka, southeast of Kharkiv, the Breath Foundation has purchased a piece of land of 3,700 m2. Two children’s homes will be built here, where eight to ten children will be housed per house. These are mostly children who are victims of the war in eastern Ukraine.

The children will live in the houses according to the now-proven “Small Group Home formula”, whereby maximum attention, love and care is guaranteed. For those children, a “parent couple” is carefully selected to look after the children seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Construction of the first house started in July 2017 and the hope is that this house can be put into use for the winter of 2018. Now it is important to also complete the financing of the second home.

Flexim Foundation will contribute to the design of the first house as well as to the realization of the second house. In addition to a financial contribution, Flexim will make its knowledge and expertise and capacity available.

For more information: http://www.breathcareforkids.com/nieuws/dak-op-eerste-kinderhuis-malinivka

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